Frequently asked questions

Do you travel abroad, to other countries or locations?

Of course. I love to meet different couples, see new places, experience the full destination wedding feeling, in traditions, cultures and to help them all become beautiful memories with my camera. :)

Are there any additional costs for weddings that are outside Brasov County ?

I cover the costs for weddings in all of Romania. For destination weddings over the border, we'll decide together the most convenient way to cover the costs of transport and overnight stay.

Do you bring backup equipment?

Always. it's one of my MUST DO items and separates me from an amateur. I own 3 NikonPRO cameras that store the frames on 2 different memory cards at the same time, lenses, lightning equipment and other professional accessories to help me get the frames I envision and you will love, no matter the place, time or other conditions.

How many photos do we receive?

The first thing I want to specify is that I work in quality, not quantity and I choose the first over the other every time and I’m sure you want and think the same. I never promise an exact number of photos because it all depends on the complexity of each event. What I do promise is that I’ll capture everything that is worth photographed. And I can tell you, from experience, that the number varies between 400 and 700 carefully edited photos.

How long does it take for us to get the photos?

It’s a fact that the hard work for the photographer comes once the wedding is over. I’m one of those photographers who edit the frames and give them my own touch. As good as they are the moment I shoot them; there are composition, framing and colour details who can only be made perfect with obsessive care and editing. These extra work days will give you the memories you deserve and the value for your investment. Long story short: you will receive my work in 2 to 4 months after the event, depending on the work volume and season. But you can choose the emergency package and in a record time of 2 weeks you’ll have your story as present in your hands as in your souls.

Can you recommend a wedding videographer with a similar style and passion?

Of course. A professional videographer I work with and shared many successful events so far, both in Romania and abroad, you can see on the What I offer page. Find there hi work and other details.

Can you recommend a professional make-up artist who can travel to the wedding location?

Yes and I would recommend that you have one on site, the day the bride makes the preparations. My wife is a professional make-up artist and you can see her work on most of the brides I photographed, on this site. She can be there and help and even make a make up test before the wedding.

We are excited and happy with the info and want to book you-how can we do that?

I'm very glad to hear it. The first step is for you to send message by email of the Contact form. I'll come back to you with my availability and the offer. If you agree to the service packages and the terms, we'll get to meet over a coffe, Skype or phone and set the details, see some photo albums and get to know each other. To book your wedding date we'll fill a contract with a minimum downpayment.

Contact me!

As much as I would love meeting as many couples and being there for your stories, the number of events I can attend are limited. Give me a sign so I can confirm my availability. Use any of the methods below and I will answer in a timely manner.

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