My story

Hey! I'm Andrei. And about me I can tell you that I'm honest. Honest in what I photograph and honest to those who choose me as a wedding witness. After the first conversation we'll know if we click and can work together to bring your story to life.

My style

You can see examples of my style in my Portfolio and the Stories. That's the way my camera will see your event, in a mostly photojournalistic way.

I document the event. I anticipate moments from experience and capture the most important details and feelings, without a script. I don't interfere with the scene and the event. Happiness comes naturally and that's the way I capture it.

This style brought me and my couples awards, their photos being selected as the best expressions of an event by national and international associations.

I don't look for praises or for my couples to detect every detail in a photo. They have to find themselves in there. And behind the frames, I spend minutes looking for inspiration, seconds to freeze the moment and hours of editing, to make the story last in time and hearts.


My philosophy

"A thousand images for the same word" - this is my motto and this is how I tell the stories on my Blog, where you can find my latest projects and wedding stories.

About how I see wedding photography:

Through images I try to show that you don;t need voices to tell a story. Photography is my passion because I live in the moments when I capture a part of the story. Those are the moments I lose myself in. In the end, wedding photography should talk about you and what you lived that day, as you lived it. And to show you that someone watched you, as you are, as you were and the world around you.

I capture a word, always: YOU. But you tell the story!

Wedding photography in a thousand images for the same word.

More than faces joined in a posed stance. I'm glad you are here. Yes, you. It means that maybe you can appreciate my style and you can see yourself in my frames.

We can begin the conversation on what you dream, want and need and what you think you should feel over the years, looking back.


Clients My associates

You will not be my clients, you will become my collaborators and my friends. I want for more than a customer - provider relationship. Most of the couples I photographed kept in touch as friends and this is what makes my day. If you “read” me and “saw” me in my style, let's get to really know each other and talk. You can have me with you on this adventure, the couple photography, the wedding photography and most importantly your memories.

I'm from Transylvania, Brasov County is home, but also Romania, and the world. Destination photography is the way I see life.

Any place, but the same style to different stories.

i would love to be your choice. The witnes to your moments, the keeper of your details and candids, to make your story justice.

If when you picture it you see spontaneity, genuine feelings, moments you never expected or you can hardly believe someone was there to capture, then allow me to be by your side and trust that my style will deliver the memories an repay your trust.

Contact me!

As much as I would love meeting as many couples and being there for your stories, the number of events I can attend are limited. Give me a sign so I can confirm my availability. Use any of the methods below and I will answer in a timely manner.

Call for any info!

0740 031 086

Ask a personalized offer, by e-mail!


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