WHAT I OFFER: Wedding videography

My vision on wedding photography is a simple one: genuineness and detail. A thousand images for the same word: YOU.

I selected as my video colaborator someone who will take offense if I call him a wedding cameraman.

He's actually a storyteller, like myself. And what he doaes is called wedding videography.

Constantly selected among the best of his trade, nationally and internationally awarded, we'll be the team your story deserves.

Beatrice & Madalin from Timeless films on Vimeo.

Video & edit - Razvan Cosma

nationally and internationally

  • 1 photographer and 1 wedding videographer there throughout the day
  • The movie of the wedding, with the special moments
  • The Wedding story
  • The Wedding teaser
  • A short teaser video of your story
  • The final product delivered in x days

You can see here his Wedding Videography portfolio.

Advantages for you:

  • A cohesive team with the same work ethics and aesthetics
  • Common vision and a beautiful connection between video and photo
  • You'll become the stars of your own wedding cinema
  • A package price perfect for your needs
  • A teaser ready to make history

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