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Love Story

Why wait for a wedding day for a couple photo session?
I witnessed, from beyond the camera, to stories told only for the feel of it and from so much joy de vivre. Love story photography represents the sessions when a couple, in a location of their chioce, in informal clothes and with a theme or without one, pose for a string of photos that complete a story and make a beautiful album for their love.
Professional photographs, edited and shot in the perfect light and atmosphere, to reveal your happiness.

Save the date

A love story with intent, I call it. This pre wedding photo session is meant to reveal, in a discrete, creative, imaginative way, the wedding date of your choice.
The edited pictures can then be used for invitations, albums, or in any other creative way to let the family and friends know what date to save.

Photo session as a gift– for a Valentines Day special, a birthday, an anniversary, a surprize

Did you know that photo shots with a prefessional photographer can boost your confidence? It's not something I say, but the psychologist.
The visual representation of the feelings you have for each other, the ritual of getting ready to be photographed, and then the time you take to revisit the images and relive them together, it all can be considered therapeutic. So I love this kind of informal photo sessions and I recommend them for all.
Couples chose them to be gifts, to each other or to celebrate their relationship, their youth, their beauty, for every day spent in love is a blessing.

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