WHAT I OFFER: Wedding photography/After wedding sessions

Even if you'll try to do all and try all, gather and fit all on your wedding day, a lot will slip through the hours and minutes of emotions. After wedding photo sessions are made only for you, so you can tell the rest of the story.

A photo shoot on your wedding day is not recommended for the lack of time, the perfect light and the events rarely make up for the necessary conditions. You'll have so many things to concentrate on, and you'll be everything but relaxed. And that is why an after wedding session is the best ideea.

What we offer:

  • Photographer with you on a chosen location, after the wedding
  • The necessary time for the frames of your dreams
  • The images to describe your love and happiness
  • Portrait and detail photos
  • Up to 40 professionally edited photos
  • The story of you, on your wedding outfits, but so relaxed!

Așa cum poți vedea în Portofoliu.

Advantages for you:

  • No rush, no hurry, only time and your story
  • The perfect light, on Blue Hour și Golden Hour
  • The freedom necessary for the best composition and storytelling
  • Best communication and posing mood

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As much as I would love meeting as many couples and being there for your stories, the number of events I can attend are limited. Give me a sign so I can confirm my availability. Use any of the methods below and I will answer in a timely manner.

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