WHAT I OFFER: Wedding photography

I specialize in wedding photography. My style is a documentary one.

I believe that a natural feel to the images offers the best memories and the most powerful. So when I have my camera, I listen to my instinct, I use my experience and most of all, I stay close to the couple. I'm more than a wedding photographer, a witness to a story that is being writen in shutter click too.

Magic is happening around you on your day.

I can be contracted, as you can see below, for certain moments. I present them to you separately, for you can chose one depending on your needs and plans, your budget or the story you want to tell. Choose one or a complet package, I'll be happy to be there for your.

My photography packages can be found here. Or you can contact me for a personalized offer, according to your needs and wishes.

Contact me!

As much as I would love meeting as many couples and being there for your stories, the number of events I can attend are limited. Give me a sign so I can confirm my availability. Use any of the methods below and I will answer in a timely manner.

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0740 031 086

Ask a personalized offer, by e-mail!