WHAT I OFFER: Wedding photo albums

Sometimes, as with books, stories are better on a page. And your story, candids and details, will have a different impact when, at a family reunion or when with friends, will make an appearance as more than words. An album to carry your memories.
Away from faulty archives, the internet or computers, you will come to treasure these small gifts you gave yourself, with the story you once lived.
And if you make them into gifts, them those who were there for you will always have the reminder of a day when they were close to the ones they love and treasure as daughters, sons or friends.

Why include a wedding album?

If you'll answer with an Yes to the majority of the questions below, then you'll know why a wedding photo album is the most treasured memory of your special day and of your story, both for you and those close to you.

- Do you belive that we all live in the now but we remember best from a picture?

- Do you belive that a computer can break, a memory stick can be lost, but an album will forever stay in your home?

- Can you image the tears and joy of your parents when they'll present this photo album to the people they know and relive that day?

- How sweet is the image of your family, in the future, a small child on your knees, and you telling him about your special day and showing him his mommy and daddy?

- Do you feel like the beauty of your story is worth more than one day to be celebrated and your day can live forever printed on a page, like a fairytale?

What I offer?

The wedding albums that your wedding candids deserve. Without compromise on quality, because you don't compromise when it comes to your love.

I work with the most prestigious company in this domain, and from our long collaboration you can benefit in terms of price and offers.

With models varying from leather bound to plexi covers, cloth or faux leather, everything for the most creative and the most demandind. They are tangible proofs of a successful story.

The number of pages can vary too, from 20 as the most requested option, to different configurations, width and textures for the pages.

And the dimensions you can settle on after you decide the receiver of the wedding album: 20x40cm for Parent-in-laws, and 30x60cm for you and your parents.

When will my wedding album be delivered?

Once I design the pages and frame them into a story you can give your blessing on, I'll send them to the manufacturer.

The delivery time from them to you was an impostant factor I had to consider and why I choose to work with this company. Because you can have your story back in 4-5 days in the extra season and 9-10 day in season. Which means faster than you can forget the steps from your first dance choreography.

When and how can we order a photo album?

It's never too early or too late to gather your story in an album.
My style is an elegant and clean one, with strokes of feeling and details, with albums defined by large, expressive candids and photos, combining perfectly to tell a story.

Think about the receiver of this gift you can make and then order this treasure. We can them talk about delivery time and costs. Let your inspiration flow and your story be told an remembered.