WHAT I OFFER: Make-Up Artist

Beauty comes from within, it's a given. A wedding make-up ritual is not giving the bride a mask, it is revealing the inner beauty.

I work with a professional make up artist who understands the rules of a wedding make up and who is there for the bride and can make the little touches according to the light and the atmosphere.

A wedding make-up walks, often, hand in hand with the perfect wedding photo. Especially for the bride, the comfort of having Andrea there to tend to the bride beauty needs is a must we are happy to provide

These candid moments are my favourites. Portraits and detail photos from the moments a bride gets ready to smile. The beautiful transition from sentiment to image.

With professional brushes and make up kit, and considering the features of the bride, her particularities and strong points, like eye colour, the dress, the stile, we, together, bring into images the beauty of such intimate and happy memories.

What we offer:

  • Fresh make up in the day of the event
  • Experienced make up artist with professional tools
  • Make up test before the wedding
  • Make up for those close to teh bride
  • Natural or personalized style, for each bride

Advantages for you:

  • Make-up there for you on your wedding day
  • Make-up artist with vast experience and a long time part of the team
  • Beautiful detail photos and portraits
  • The perfect make up for your complexion and for the best photos
  • 2 make up sesions to know the make up artist understands your needs

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