What I offer

My wedding photography offer includes multiple services

From Love story photo sessions given as an anniversary gift, to Candid Moments and wedding detail photos made to last, to destination photography and worldwide adventures with you and your story. I photograph couples who tell a story and give them the truest memory of their special moments, all worthy to become forever more remembered.

As you can see, depending on your needs, you can contact me for the offer of your choice:

Wedding photography

Stories told in a documentary style, careful and close enough to make you relive those moments, in candids but also prewedding and after wedding photo sessions, from well choreographed Love Stories or Save the Date. All told in an unique and professional style.

Photo albums

Once the story is lived, once the characters rest, what is left for the ages? I believe the memories are. And I have the best ways to save your memories and your smiles, as a wedding photo album, made to last, just like you.

Wedding Videography

Once you like my style and vision, you can trust that the videography team has the same perspective. There to only amplify the story, the feelings, and give voice to the love shared on this special day. Find out more about them accessing this link.

Make-up artist

Inside beauty comes to live on the outside and then from within pictures. A wedding make up does not cover the face with a mask, but unveils love's true face and inner glow. My team can do that and I can only witness, with my camera, the transformation.

2 photographers

In case you decide that you need a greater number of details, portraits and moments captured, you may want a second photographer beside me on your special day. See what this means by accessing the link.

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  • Andrei inspired trust from the first day we met. During the prewedding photo sessions he was enthusiastic and happy with every new successful photo and the whole experience was relaxed and friendly like. And that is why we could be so natural, even though it was our first experience with a camera. In our wedding day, he never intruded, but he was there to capture the best and most emotional moments. Thank you so much, Andrei! In every frame we can see your imagination, professionalism and passion. Thanks to you, we will keep these treasured memories and relive the emotions of our wedding day every time we'll see them. We were lucky to find you and to have you there. Congratulations for your work!
    Beatrice & Madalin
  • "The power to convey feelings and express emotions in a frame, that is wedding  photography. It becomes much more than a simple or a group photo. Capturing the details, the meanings, the small and big moments, the intense feelings seen and also hidden for the curious eyes of the guests. Professionalism, joy and openness, these are, in our opinion, the attributes that describe you best. It was a real pleasure to have you as a photographer for the most important moments of our lives so far. “
    Emil & Viliana
  • "I love people who do something out of pure passion and Andrei is one of those people. His vision, talent and dedication to photography make the result stand out and exceed expectations. We are so happy to have worked with him and surely, over the years, we’ll feel the same love and awe for the photographs he made..simply because they are gorgeous!"  
    Costi & Georgiana
  • "A picture is worth a thousand words. Our wedding was photographed to the last small detail and for that, we’ll choose Andrei for the next bong events in our life. For us, you are the best, the most professional and we thank you for everything!!!!"
    Razvan & Alexandra
  • "Choosing the right photographer meant a lot to us, because we wanted out story to be captured in as many moments and details  as possible and as naturally as possible. Without a script and without being told to Smile for the camera! And Andrei delivered on these wishes, making something beautiful even out of our shyness. He’s a dedicated photographer and an outgoing person and he knows how to create the mood and attitude for the photo shoot. We are so excited about our choice and the end result. Thank you, Andrei!”
    Dragos & Rebeca
  • “We enjoyed lovely moments under Andrei’s  careful lens. A fun, great collaboration that resulted in precious memories to be kept in the beautiful wedding albums and relieved on and on. We recommend Andrei for his talent, youthfulness and passion:)"
    Adi & Cristina
  • I wholeheartedly recommend Andrei. He expressed nothing but professionalism, care and attention to detail and to people, from the beginning to the end of our collaboration. We thank him for what he did for us and we wait for the next happy event he can photograph :)
    Ana & Emilian
Visit the wedding photography pricing page for as much details as you need to make a decision. Any other questions or information can be available if you contact me for a personalized quotation. Looking forward to meeting you!

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