After wedding photo sessions or Love The Dress: the most expressive reflections of a genuine love story.

Your are not yet decided on an after wedding photo session and why it would benefit you to chose one? Then look at these photos. You will see relaxation, places that define the couple, details and landscapes for breathtaking photography.

And tell me if you agree:

- On your wedding day some places dear to you will be unavailable.
- You won't want to risk the integrity of your dress on wild lanscapes.
- The weather on your wedding day can't be controlled, but for a Love the dress, the choice is yours.
- You'll be another person there, in the places you love, with only the love of your live and my camera.
- A perofessional photographer can recommend places, ideas, poses and frames to make you look perfect.

If you agree with most of the ideea above, then I would be thrilled to give you a quotation for a Love the dress, after the wedding session, for the story you deserve and you need to unwind after the wedding.

Check availability and pricing options!

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