Photography selection by Andrei Dumitrache

I dedicate myself to couple photography. In the light, in the shadows, on the dance floor or hanging by a chandelier, I'm there for you. From Brasov, in Transylvania and internationaly, see in my portfolio some of my dearest shots.
The couples get all the credit. A professional photographer is just a witness, ready and able to capture the story, in any location.
And then, after the party, to spend long hours in editing and reframing the perfect memory. I do a lot of editiong, because you deserve a perfect frame and a perfect detail and a perfect story and that is why you will believe that you made the perfect choice by choosing me. For my documentary style, the attention to detail, and images as present in 50 years as they are now.

Some characteristics you will find in my photography:


- Unique details, missed by others
- Colour and non colour, used as the feeling of the frame dictates
- The sensation of a witness, not a disturbance
- Angles chosen for simplicity and moments for complexity
- Special details from the wedding ritual
- Best of the main characters, the bride and groom
- Clean, clear and natural images


afterwedding (7)
- Perfect use of the natural space
- The images to describe your love and happiness
- The perfect light, on Blue Hour și Golden Hour
- The necessary time for the frames of your dreams
- Storytelling through composition
- Travels and destination that never leave you tired
- Special photo techniques, reflections and contre-jour


- No time limit on the session
- Professionally composed, selected and edited photos
- Relive the magic of the first date
- Photo composition to talk about your story
- Perfect use of the natural setting
- Storytelling through composition
- Special photo techniques, reflections and contre-jour

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As much as I would love meeting as many couples and being there for your stories, the number of events I can attend are limited. Give me a sign so I can confirm my availability. Use any of the methods below and I will answer in a timely manner.

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