Wedding photos with unique members: children and pets

Greetings pet and fun wedding lovers. This blog is for you, and especially for those with extended families. Be it through children, but especially through pets that bring you smiles. Do you want to know how the pet can be included in your wedding pictures? Want to know why it is mandatory to have at least one funny photo with a child or pet at your wedding? Today I write about how easy or complicated it is to photograph these elements.

Animals and children: nature and spontaneity from unique wedding memories

Those with a family member who is always spontaneous and natural, but also all over the place,  should know how hard it is to keep up with them. What about the photos? And it is just as difficult for us photographers, just because we try to keep a close eye for those special moments because they are worth it.

What do you need to know when choosing a photographer for your wedding? You need to know if he knows how to photograph the elements that are part of your family in your daily life. Unpredictable elements, cute, but fast and so spontaneous, the photographer also needs to be quick and without staging photos, to make possible a frame in that story that is still about you.

What is the most recent memory you have of a wedding? What picture did you have in mind? Was it the bride, was it the groom, was the location or was that of a smile of a proud mother for her daughter? Well, those photos matter to the family, while to the extended group of friends, to the juries from different photography contests and to the rest of the viewers, the images that have an impact are the special ones. 


That cute picture with an animal involved in the story or the innocence of the children watching the event with something close to wonder. The most beloved elements in wedding photos are those natural, spontaneous moments and these things are most often found especially in documentary photography, with elements like animals and children. That’s why you see so many award-winning photos that have these two elements take centre stage.     

What you need to know about involving animals in your photo story:

The photographer must know from the beginning how and if you want the pet to appear in the wedding pictures.

You must, for the wedding day, remember to clean the animal, from the nails that should not scratch the dress, to the food already prepared, so that the animal should not be forgotten, suffer or be irritable.

Designate someone to take care of the pet and make it be a person to which it responds well.

Give the photographer some pieces of the special food treats you have for your pet.

Decide ahead of time whether the animal will have a special costume and let it get used to it.   

It is not easy to photograph animals, as it is not easy to photograph children. But if it is a photograph whose central subject is a child who marvels at what is happening around him, or who plays in his own world, it is worth the trouble and especially the training to be attentive and to have distributive attention just to capture them. It is a must in documentary photography. But especially what is a must if you want to draw parallels between the beauty of this beginning and the new life that each child or your animal brings. Below are some photos adored by the couples who received them, precisely because these two elements and other fun details in the wedding photos completed their story, as the family becomes complete.     

What are the risks of including a pet in wedding pictures? You may risk getting too close to where the animal is and what it protects. It can become stressed by the surroundings and the agitation. Accidents can happen. But … The risks of an event where these funny elements are not involved at all are classic photos. Which are perfect. But the element of surprise will be missing, and somehow, part of you, part of the story and that look into a past when you were a child yourself.   

If you two say YES, and you have a third or fourth member in your family, child or pet that your love spills over, then the wedding pictures should tell the full story. With a professional eye, with a smile on your face and the assurance that many people will smile at the photos, I hope this article will help you. Be convinced that if you have ever wondered: Should I bring my pet to the wedding, in our photo story and in everyone’s hearts – then the answer I recommend is YES!


It’s obvious that the answer is YES for children. I do not believe in superstitions, but I believe that the smiles of children bring good fortune and their pure happiness, constant curiosity and relentless spirit will infect you and the guests. I hope this article has given you an idea of what you want and how your story can look. Here is my offer for the 3 packages where your pets are welcomed.

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