Wedding photography – Narcisa & Dan, Târgu Neamț

Wedding photographer – Târgu Neamț

Narcisa & Dan


Being a wedding photographer is always a privilege and a joy for me for several reasons. A moment full of emotion, adrenaline, concentration, pursuit and continuous waiting. Taking wedding photography in photojournalistic style means that you will not have a second chance. That of capturing a certain moment. One that can give a surplus to the final story, printed in the wedding album.

And when you know that you are photographing a wedding in a pandemic where everything was set up for the second or maybe the third time after countless postponements, where as a bride and groom you have to give up the party well known to us all, for me it is a reason to plus to photograph everything properly. It is my duty to give the bride and groom the opportunity to show the other friends who failed to take part in the event, what was the vibe of the day and how it felt through the photos.

I like to document the event without intervening in one way or another during the day. Except for those photo shoots that the bride and groom want, of course. But even there my intervention is minimal. From what I remember, when I asked Narcisa and Dan how they found me as a photographer for their event, the answer was that they went on google wedding documentary photography or documentary style wedding photographer, because that and -they wanted to. I could only rejoice, of course. It was also the first wedding at the Neamț monastery that I photographed, a very beautiful area worth visiting. Even though I have photographed many weddings both in the country and abroad, I admit that in Moldova I have not had the opportunity to photograph until now.