Wedding photography at Yaz, Transylvania – Ema & Adi

Wedding photography in Transylvania

Ema și Adi – candid moments at Yaz

I captured a word: care.

From early morning, when the sun could barely draw shadows on the walls, as a professional drew frames in her hair, Ema knew. She keeps tightly onto her veil and touches lightly the delicate Forget me not flowers, because even if she believes this is happening, Adi is not yet by her side and everything has the tint of an early morning story, not entirely real.

But the groom is not far. In a wedding at Yaz Brașov, nothing is very far, nature from people, grass from cold dance floors, and dew from glass crystals in chandeliers. And in Ema’s soul, as I saw her through the camera, all was nearby: the dance steps rehearsed in the garden to her love’s arms, the warm pastel colored peonies in the bouquet to the cold in the not yet placed wedding rings waiting for the vein in the finger they’ll make a home of.

For a day, their day, as I know it now and can’t retell it otherwise, the universe was made of a few rooms filled with loved ones, a lake and nature. Do more of what makes you happy, I seem to hear. Lips of good friends wishing the couple all the best, mother’s eyes keeping the secret of the colour of tears and the arm of an uncle, carrying the responsibility and the story of a daughter’s arm, and sending the feeling of that honour to the sky.

The preparations, the ceremonies and the rituals, all happened here, in this Universe where it rains with beautiful memories and photos speak of a long awaited wedding.  That is why, maybe, in all the gathering of nice people and happy souls, there was no more room for actual rain. Nature is wild and listens to no one. But sometimes, if you’re kind and you dream about something and you make a wish, even nature becomes you ally.

And when next to the wish you have another strong soul, one who will never forget and never stop watching over your life from up above, I understand the small miracle of the rain stopping just as they walked out towards the altar. What caused the change wasn’t my crazy optimism, wanting and choosing to shoot outside and it wasn’t the disappointment to be anticipated from such a change interfering with the story. What changed the sky and the sun and the rain, Ema told me, away from the camera but close to her soul, was someone up there in Heaven, who was sure to be close to her in that day.

You can see joy in grateful eyes and in shinny tears and shaken rain drops on grass crushed by steps towards the altar and the vows. And you can also see it in the white of fluffy clouds and the white of a wedding dress adorning this magical day and in the silence of a lake that’s counting waves upon waves of lives at their beginning. I followed their every step, their every hug, their moments of silence and their stronger than a thunder I do’s, their quiet moments on paths of green for the breath before the party.

And they inhaled to fill their souls so then they could pour it all on the dance floor. I can tell you honestly that just as Adi was carried and thrown up to the sky and  Ema was hugged and protected by those close to her, just as children wondered at the sight of the grownups and their love and young souls envied or admired the same love, it was like that for me too.  For a day, the universe consisted of them, the couple who chose me to their wedding at Yaz, their story from rain to miracle sunshine and a life beginning as all should: in the quietness of nature, but with the vibration of a good and happy celebration.

I thought I was capturing a word. Instead, they told a story.

Wedding venue: Yaz Harman

Videographer: Timeless Films, by Razvan Cosma

A thousand images for the same word, by

The story of those images, by Cătălina