Destination Wedding in Transylvania – Diana & Alin

Destination Wedding Photography in Transylvania

Diana & Alin

I captured a word: courage.

I sat still to listen for a bit / The long murmur I can hear…

…said Baniciu, but what I hear is the shadow of two people coloured even in colourless frames. Young murmurs, linked by hands, a perfectly shaped contour in contre-jour. They run from the camera, a symmetry of steps, but they rest in each other’s spaces, wild flowers adorned head, on wild loving shoulder. And they have the courage to close their eyes in my presence, because they continue their run inside their minds.

In summer green nature and barefoot longing, I see them race butterflies. They imitate their flight when he lifts and spins her, they imitate their colour, when they paint each other, to see if they can still find themselves under the layers. And when he cleans the coloured dust from her cheek, a careful protector, it’s like she hears: I knew it’s you, I always know!

 She laughs and laughs, like every time he touches her an inside joke passes between them and they run from me again, barefoot, to the sun, like two kids who know that even their shadows show their match. I capture them like that, two hearts brave enough to jump to a future as a family, no chute. Tied only to and by love.

We leave nature, but nature still prepares them for the big day, birds carrying rings on their wings and flower crowns serving as anchors, in case all the emotion, bottled up in their rooms, will attempt to carry them up, up, away from the earth and the reality where they’ll meet again, this time as promised to each other and inseparable.

Around them I photograph clear eyes, reality distorting mirrors, but distorting with love and parent care. There are flowers picked from the fields and placed on lace and transformed into jewellery, small flowers in the hair of loved ones and coloured ones in the cheeks of children, there’s so much colour she can’t help but to feel the most alive she ever felt and him…just wait until you see her.

I waited too and when the moment came, under a saying with Family is the place where life begins, life truly begins for him. Begins with smiles and tears, but protecting arms, brave eyes and unlimited reserves of wipes to catch an preserve happiness.

Under a higher power and proud looks of the family, he caught her hand and never let ago again. Almost like you catch the feeling of home and hold tight, even when you’re far away. The flower tunnel took them further; to a dance practiced on a field of freedom, with uninhibited pirouettes and the rhythm of I love you, Je T’aime, Jeg elsker dig ever present.

From that moment I understood where their courage comes from. From closeness, from how two hearts beat into happier life than one heart, from how four arms can lift and hug better than two and how two pairs of eyes see the future differently. Every frame I took from that moment shows them together, tied to each other under summer shadows, veil and twilight, on bridges where they teach themselves to build on their own from now on, always to the other, so always to home.

I thought I was capturing a word. Instead, they told a story.

A thousand images for the same word

The story of those images, by Cătălina în cuvinte