Wedding in Transylvania: an idea for the special couples searching for a #destinationwedding

Do you dream of a wedding, unlike any other album or story you ever have seen?

Then you probably belong to the group of unconventional people who have on their searches at least once the expression  #destinationwedding.

Do you know why this idea is so attractive for couples?

Do you want to know how you can plan a special destination wedding?

Today I write about the 3 questions: why, how, where – to do a destination wedding, in Transylvania!

#destinationwedding: Transylvania as a destination and a destiny

A destination wedding means a wedding away from home, in a place that becomes the home of shared destiny. Whether for the convenience of the location or for a passion you have for nature or other meanings, weddings away from home are chosen by those who want their special day to truly become a story.

Such weddings are held in locations that offer special elements, either for the eyes of those who participate (landscapes) or for the hearts of those who choose them (it’s where they love to be).

Couples who choose to organize a destination wedding are the ones who see the world differently and want their story written differently.


Wedding in Transylvania: 5 reasons to think about it

Transylvania is just as special and worthy of being chosen as a destination wedding like Mauritius. Why? Below I list a few reasons, which are not subjective at all, although I am a wedding photographer from Brasov.

Indeed, from the couples who chose me, from those who came from foreign countries to live the beginning of the story in Transylvania, I learned WHY, which might convince you too.

  1. The perfect “in the middle” place, a wedding in Transylvania is going for the convenience of this magical land. I started with this aspect because I am going to photograph couples where the two come from different areas of Romania or from outside the borders, and the family will celebrate in Brașov. Why not, it can be as good a reason as any other to bring families together in a place that feels “neutral” and doesn’t upset or worry one of the parties.

  1. It’s something special, just as special as the exotic paradise of Tanzania or Mauritius, or the wilderness of tropical forests. Because although we got used to the views or maybe the idea that we have both the sea and mountains in Romania, the wedding in Transylvania can look as exotic as if you were in another country, for all those looking at the photos. From the last virgin forests of Europe to villages that can stand on postcards and views from fortified churches, you have every reason to believe this location to be perfect and feel unique. And your pictures show that.

  1. You are passionate about or appreciate the photos as the only memories that remain long after the special day, so you are going to enjoy every moment of your story. And from a Save the date photo session to the wedding day and then to the Love / Trash the dress photoshoot, or the wedding photoshoot, you have so much to say about your story that such images will be as precious to you as the air.

  1. You dream of a day like in movies and from the wedding celebration you run right into the honeymoon. It is very easy to do this with a destination wedding. Especially in Transylvania, where from all the luxury and modernism of a restaurant you can go to a vintage destination full of relaxation for a few days in the middle of nature, at a village or retreat.

  1. All in one wedding idea – or the extravagant reason for choosing a destination wedding in Transylvania, is that you can completely imagine a wedding with a theme. You can make the themed wedding you dreamed of, with inspiration from nobility, from Dracula or Harry Potter or other magical visions, you can have them all reflected in the images that will be created in the atmosphere of those days and this mythical land of Transylvania.

What are the top 4 things to think about before organizing your wedding in Transylvania

 There are things to consider when planning a destination wedding and from experience and being with couples here in Transylvania I can tell you this:

  • Think about how guests will arrive here and when they should arrive and book accordingly
  • Think about what kind of destination wedding you want – and here comes the wedding at the castle, wedding near the lake, at the tent, or in the barn, a theme decided and then researched in the area.
  • Service providers should be available for trips or to be in the area – because I often discover new places or take a couple to the places I know, because I am a wedding photographer from Brasov and, as would be the case with a wedding planner from Transylvania, who knows the areas, the suppliers and guarantees the success of the destination wedding.
  • Think about how you will manage the rehearsals (for the hairstyle, makeup, the menu tasting) and how many visits you will make in the area and especially if you combine the wedding with the honeymoon. In these cases, you can explore the area and make reservations for the following visits.

Wedding locations in Transylvania – top 3 ideas

 And because although you have seen above some photos that I took for weddings in Transylvania, but because I feel that this area has so much to offer still, below are a few ideas for a destination wedding in Transylvania.

  1.   The old town in the center of Brasov, Sighisoara or Sibiu – cities where something old blends with something new, always.

  1.   A wedding at the castle, a mansion, a fortified church – and the magic of the places that have seen and are part of history and can bring charm to your wedding.

  1. The wedding at a shabby chic barn, by the lake or at the tent – and the most spectacular views, for which you’ll earn the envy of your family, friends and of all Europe couples coming across your photos.

BONUS: With all this magic that can be found in Transylvania, you can have your story even if you don’t go as far as organizing a wedding here. You can book a photo session, for before or after the wedding, and the story will have a mythical chapter, in an area that deserves every like, love and wow on social media accounts and in the hearts of those who write their love stories here.

I hope this info has given you an idea of ​​what you want and how your story at a wedding in Transylvania can look like. 

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