Wedding photo albums: common mistakes and inspiration!

A wedding is an unique experience. But also very ephemeral. So much so, that by the time the happy tears are dry, you forget what your mother wore that morning.

having lived through it, I know how focused the groom can be in his wedding day : ) Actually the truth is, I admit, that I can hardly remember the siut of my best man or if I could read on his face the realization that he’s next.

My wife also tells me that even as a woman, you forget to look at other outfits. Nothing but your own image remains and makes you weep.

And then, what do we do? Remember only bits and pieces? Tell the same stories about the same things in every new meeting with the family and friends? Or do we do something about it?

A few details to take into consideration before you look at or give a wedding album

You, looking incredible, but so different from what you saw in the mirror. And where memory can play tricks or emotions can bring memory lapses, the wedding photo albums and stories tell you more about yourself, about your love. About the happiness of the father, the shared happiness of friends, the purity of the children present, and the other thousands of details that you can otherwise lose in years, in computers, in drawers, or in your timeline.

  • You’ll come to regret if you do not invest in memories. Why?

a. For you – Because when the euphoria passes, there will be an empty space that will fill with years, new wrinkles, new stories and adventures in two. And you will begin to count, you two, the annual anniversaries of that day. And believe me, nothing compares to telling your wife that she is as beautiful as she was then, even if that wedding day is 5 years ago and all that remains with you from that moment is the wedding ring and the proof: the wedding album, and her either in white or in a torn t shirt, you’re just as convinced that you are with your perfect half.

And all an album does for you is just to make you cry. : ) Kidding. Actually, I’m not and I admit once again that I have also experienced the moment of seeing my wife as she looks at me while I look elsewhere, in a photo and after, I had to pretend to have dust in my eyes, sitting on the couch, in the house, above the newly arrived wedding album.

album nunta pagina compusab. For family – Because when you looked like a bride, in the mirror, your mother looked at you with more love than is physically possible to feel for another being. And the wedding photographer will capture these details from the wedding day. And when you stand by them, remember it all, a well put together wedding album will be the most valuable gift you can take to tell when visiting to say “Thank you for being there for us”.

And I can guarantee that it will be their most valuable treasure, a story to be told and showed when you’re not there. For this, we can create a special arrangement of your story in a special album for your parents or family.

c. For friends – Because, as I was saying, the photo albums make you cry. But also make you laugh. You can take out the specially created wedding album to show the funny moments and use it if needed as blackmail tool for the imaginative friend who had the bright idea of ​​dressing your dog or cat for the day. Or to show them five years later, in the images of this album, that there is no doubt they were single then, but that they are better off as serious people now. 🙂

wedding photo dog


The wedding album – mistakes you can make

  1. Postponing to order one – I say the same thing about the honeymoon: do not delay it. Because life will resume its course and the perfect bubble in which you have been preparing and living this special occasion will break. Before you forget, maybe even from the moment you select the wedding photo package, add a photo album or two, that of your parents and godfathers or friends. Not only will this bring you a great quality price wedding package, it will help the photographer to think the story beforehand, the pictures and details, so that the album contains those that will make you happy or be amazed to see them as part of your history.

album nunta detalii mireasa

2. Not informing the photographer about yout intention with the album  – If you’ve decided for whom the album will be, then the selected photos will have to tell a story that’s relevant to the person. For example, if the album is for you, I’ll choose a photo from each category: portraits, details, locations, family, and friends. If you make the albums as a gift for parents, then I will include details that would move them: you in costumes, you at the church, you with them. And for friends, as I said above, more than just a timeline and memory, an album can inspire them, in turn, to copy you or remember the details you’ve prepared for them and how they were at a certain moment in time.

card multumire album foto

3. Wedding hpto albums are not extra expenses  – For those who have a hard time with storytellingm they are the best story helpers, so you can show what words can’t say. For those not used to showing emotions, they are reminders, for each of us slaves to time and old age, of a moment forever captured in slices of life, from a day we looked our best.

 How to choose a wedding album: ideas and advices

a. On this extremely popular wedding site you can read about 10 advices in choosing the best ideas for a wedding album.

b. My recommandation is to see at least one album created by the photographer you are thinking about contracting. And make sure the album is not a presentation one, with different couples, but a real wedding album, for one of their couples. You will see in it his style, his composition and the way he works with image storytelling.

c. Listen to the opinion of the eye behind the camera. Sometimes he can include in the album award winning photos. because your eye can’t see it and looks for beauty in the sentiment. His can see details, composition and what it makes a photo a trully amazing shot. Trust him. For example, you can look for photo collections and awards like  100 Wedding photos to see the photograhers and the photos awarded in that year, the trends and favourites. And yes, my photos are among the awarded ones this year, by this prestigious yearly wedding magazine.

d. Choose the tone and keep with it. If you decide on a monochrome outline, then a vibrant cover will give the material the effect you need for a great design. If the wedding had a coulour, make the album stand in line with it. I personaly work with a prestigious wedding album manufacturer and they provide endless possibilities. Read more about it here. Also, ask for a quotation and see types of pages, covers, materials and coulours.

album si pachete de nunta

I hope all this can help you make a choice and select a complete wedding package. And the wedding album your story deserves. Because it’s a sure way to make it feel it lasts forever. I can design them, for you to relive them, anytime, everytime!

Andrei Dumitrache, a thousand images for the same word: YOU

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