Top destination wedding locations in Brasov, Transylvania – a photographer’s choice

When you think about your wedding day, you want it to be special. And for this reason, you dream of a location where you can bring together all the elements you love. Lights, flowers, coulours, view, dry ice and fireworks,all those lovely touches for the perfect wedding for the photographer to capture and make forever memories.

When you say wedding in Brasov or wedding in the mountains, you im immediately envision snow, pure white, like the wedding dress, unique snoflakes, like your love story. It’s a beautiful dream, an adventure playing behind your eyelids as you want a perfect destination wedding.

And it all can come true, captured in it’s pure and wild form, in an after wedding photo session. But for the wedding day, you’ll need a dance floor, and comfortable chairs and qualified personnel to help deliver the special day. And for this part of your wedding adventure, I can recommend, as a photographer who’s been there, and saw all those little details, a few very beautiful options for a destination wedding location in Brasov, Transylvania, Romania. A wedding in the mountains, in special locations, with something for every taste and whish. Let’s see:

Destination wedding locations Brașov, Transylvania

1. Kronwell Ceremonies

The first category and my first choice for the list is represented by venues in hotels. First class wrooms, specially made to accommodate the tastes and expectations of even the most particular taste. It’s a good choice for that reason only, because your guests can stay in room close to the venue and all together. Kronwell offers this type of beautiful, classy venue, in Kronwell Ceremonies. With a capacity for big wedding, up to 550 guests, but having other smaller reception areas, it stands out in style and luxury.

My experience here contains more than these photos, it’s filled with beautiful love stories from the weddings I captured and witnessed here.


    • Dynacord audion system
    • menu designed by a top chef
    • complimentary room for the couple

What does the photographer appreciate?

  • the lighting system, the crystals adorning the ceiling, the large and generous space and the screens ready to play images from the story.

2. Belvedere events Brașov

Another venue, for different tastes. An immersive experience into the city of Brasov. For those only happy with a view. And what a view it provides, as the name promises. Belvedere gives you the perfect picture ready panorama into the hills and mountains of Brasov and the Tampa  peak. very close to the old city centre and a prestigious restaurant, the services here will compliment the view and the whole destination wedding experience.

The tag line of the venue is A dream wedding above Brasov and I have no reason to believe they ever failed to deliver.

A Belvedere destination wedding will have a sophisticated and culinary satisfatory experience, as guaranteed by the presence of the award winning chef (Ioan Florescu) and hte venue’s tradition in maintaining a high standard, but traditional feel.


    • hotel rooms for the guests, enough even for big weddings
    • special menu designed by a chef
    • the view and feel of a city in the heart of Transylvania

What does the photographer appreciate?

  • the dance floor, spacious and photo friendly, of course the panorama and the possibility to shoot the preparations without rush

3. Yaz Harman, Brașov

Wedding in a tent…a location so sought after lately, it represents the fulfilment of a dream. Soft things, lovely imagery and a choice for the dreamers. Venues that bring together the white of clouds and the feel of nature and seclusion, a mise en place for a stroy to come true. Hidden in the middle of nature, this venue is for those who want to be alone together. Part of the Lempes natural reservation in the Carpathians. Ceremonies can unfold and make memories by the lake.

The tent itself can be designed to hold events for 100 up to 800 guests and includes: lounge, bar, natural wood floor, Chiavari chairs, kitchen and rooms for the guests. This way, it becomes a one place stop for this special moment of your lives.

See a wedding at Yaz I photographed for Ema and Adi on my blog and check out the video too, and maybe the feel of the place will make you decide it’s the right one for you and your dreamed tent wedding.


    • great photo sessions location
    • accommodation for small or large weddings
    • nature and the cosy, private feeling it creates

What does the photographer appreciate?

  • the lighting and the way nature blends into built elements, the way it can serve as a preparation, ceremony and party location

4.  Heldsdorf Mansion Brasov

Still in nature, still in Brașov, but at the same time, in a fairytale. Venues that offer all the necessary elements of a wedding are so in trend right now. And the bohemian look of the place, the dream like landscape and the unrestrained acces to nature make Heldsdorf exactly what it advertises: a fairytale place. A gazebo, shabby chic decorations and desing made to insert the characters into another world, in line with your personality and expectations.

The venue makes room for about 200 people, and there are 9 rooms for special and close guests and family. But don’t worry about the rest of the wedding party, Brasov is only 20 minutes away.


    • special location for all in one place weddings
    • a stage for the band you love and some other performers
    • a pool for relaxing while you wait for the ceremony or for the after party and playgrounds for children

What does the photographer appreciate?

  • the shabby chic decor, the space and the special elements and perfect framing for outdoor and indoor photos, the fact that there is no running betwen locations

get inspired and take a peek behind the curtain into this place by viewing  Tamara and Marius’s wedding, on my blog.

5. Dâmbu Morii Domain

Garden wedding or pool wedding? You have a taste for the unconvetional and you want your destination wedding to look special. Maybe the August weather or the fact that I love outdoor weddings makes me include this venue on the list.  A mix between a hotel, a wedding complex and an outdoor adventure, the photo sessions here were always a joy. For me and for the couples.

Dâmbu Morii Estate has four specially designed rooms for weddings smaller or larger: Marabou – outdoor events by the pool (350 places), Treselle venue (250 places), Dâmbu Morii restaurant (110 places) and Privo (with 50 places). And as you can see, the ceremony can be performed outside, on the island in the middle of the lake.


    • multiple venues and guest accommodation
    • a pool to relax and playground for the children
    • a clasic style with elegant accents and a delicious traditional menu

What does the photographer appreciate?

  • endless possibilities for the photo sessions, the ambiance and the angles are great and the natural feel will carry into the narative of the photos, an all in one place experience to be lived, enjoyed and remembered.

I hope these few picks and choices give you a list of options for your destination wedding. In my pictures, you can see beyond the portfolio of the restaurants and venues and see the day as it was lived by some of the couples who chose me. My experience is at your service and I’m here for you if you need more info and advice on destination wedding venues in Transylvania.

As a photographer recommendation comes more naturaly from another couple and his testimonials and reviews, I believe you can trust the experience of a photographer when it comes to wedding locations, because he was there, maybe multiple times.  And he can help make memories better even before they begin. So tell me, what type of a destination wedding is the one for you and where?

Andrei Dumitrache, a thousand images for the same word: YOU

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