Prewedding in Brasov – Roxana & Tudor

Prewedding photo session Brasov – Roxana & Tudor

Engagement photo session- natural landscape

If you want express your love, make it in the springtime. You have all the inspiration necessary, all the tool needed to stop time. Together with Roxana și Tudor, we did just that. In a natural landscape, spring green and summer blue, we created a perfect atmosphere for love, in a prewedding photo session. And then, as they laughed and rehearsed the feeling of a perfect wedding that was to come, I captured them.

A prewedding photo session has the advantage of freedom. No constraints, no rigidity. Just like the beautiful natural landscapes of Brasov have no rules, photo sessions in nature have no bounds. Culours the way you can only find there, wind in your hair and hundreds of years old witnesses to a love story.

Two days from now, Roxana and Tudor will be celebrating in the beautiful events hall at Kronwell Brașov, with crystal glasses, dance on hard floors and smile for the hundreds of eyes present. Here, today, they practiced the calm and quiet, the gift of a true love: just 2 bodies, 4 eyes, the sounds of nature , light and shadows always delicate and protective, and hours upon hours of remembering what truly matters most: them.