Wedding – Kronwell Ceremonies Brasov – Roxana & Tudor

Wedding – Kronwell Ceremonies Brasov

Wedding photography with Roxana & Tudor

I photographed a word: touch.

Wedding at Kronwell Ceremonies Brasov | Real things are at a distance, so that a raised hand can feel whether the rain is coming or not. And natural things are still a touch, from protecting, to leading, a hand in hand that says more than words. For Roxana and Tudor, everything was at a distance. The blue sky last seen on a mountain top, the rain falling in some ascent to the sky, the red of a sunset seen from above.

If you look like a stranger, their Kronwell wedding may look like a story played behind a raindrop window, in which light and figures are lost, reflected and united. But it will still tell you something: that a touch on the wedding day is as precious as whoever you are. And everything starts with the touches and that’s what I follow in these mornings touched by the sun or rain.

Touching the mother, who arranges the suit, touching a makeup professional who puts the finishing touches on a special smile, touching a button for a selfie between dear friends. Some time ago, Roxi and Tudor touched the spring sky in a natural landscape, spring green and summer blue, which we set off to create the atmosphere of a pre-wedding photo shoot.


And the wedding day has reached those waiting peaks that every couple has. And her hand was continually in his hand, and her eyes were fixed on them, for they told a beautiful story. Things were clear to them, clear as a drop of pure rain, clear as a sky above the clouds. And clear as the reflection of her happiness in the mirror when she first sees herself, in white and smiling. And in the mirror her happiness is just as obvious, complicit in a beautiful surprise, which seems to say “Welcome to my life, I’ve been waiting for you.”

They set off together on paths full of arms, on meadows full of the smiles of loved ones, on plateaus of wishes as sweet as cakes. Like a getaway in the mountains, like something I love a lot, but this time they found each other. And every moment of the wedding reached its goal with something specific to them. Like a dance repeated in pairs and danced with the whole planet, in a crazy rhythm of the universe that runs away from us but still returns in two souls of lovers, like at home.

The rain outside moved into the hall’s crystals, and amid outstretched hands, hot phones, lungs that breathed in the rarefied air of true love, I witnessed their first dance, their first party on a mountain top of their own, called maybe NEW tip. There they received friends, family, with the always necessary equipment: good thoughts. Otherwise, everything is already in place, from the open smile on her face, to the absolute pride on his face, and the most important element in this kit to reach the highest peaks: love. And the words were written in the touch of the hand, of steps on the dance floor, of new horizons.

I thought I was photographing a word. But they told me a story.

Location: Kronwell Ceremonies, Brasov
Videographer: Timeless Films, by Razvan Cosma

A thousand images for the same word, by documentary wedding photographer
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