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You’ll want your big day to never end. You have been waiting for it for so long, you’re preparing IT and for it. And from the spotlight, especially if things are organized perfectly and you just enjoy the moment, you’ll never want to leave. I always see how the most important figures of a wedding transform in their wedding day. They pay the most attention to each other, fascinated by each moment and emotion. 

But also, most of the times, I see the moment just at the end of the wedding, when the pair looks one at the other and happy, tired but satisfied, seem to ask: Now what?

Photo sessions ideas, memories and regrets

Because a love story, like any story, has a beginning, a middle, an end and a “They lived happily ever after!” Which is written daily starting with that important YES. I’m here to tell you how you can make an even better memory from the Beginning and how to prolong the euphoria of the wedding as much as possible, and even bring more color and perfection to it.

And so, the reasons to chose a before the wedding photo session and a Love story after, as to never regret the time you had, the light, the place and make sure your story is there for everyone to witness.

Save the date for you story

A fan of the camera or not so much, I know for sure you are a fan of your story. And as soon as you say YES, you two start planning the big day. But because the memories of that day cannot be planned to perfection, not even with a wedding planner, as I wrote here, I have an idea that is enthusiastically embraced by my couples: the relaxed and joyful photo session we call Save the Date.

Why have a Save the date? 

The benefits of a photo session before the wedding and what the couple gets from me are listed here. But allow me to also tell you the reason why they chose these photo bonuses for their story. And why they never regret their choice:

  • They are proud of their story and want to show it to their family, friends and online acquaintances. And the photos they receive after a Save the date do just that: they record in beautiful shots the beginning of the preparations for the big event, they announce the news and the day and guarantee lots and lots of Congrats!
  • Usually in these photo sessions the two relive the thrill of the first date or the marriage proposal. From nostalgia or pleasure, we redo the story steps and then, unhurried by time or other plans, the two find themselves again in those moments of pure pleasure and delight. As you will see if you access this Save the date, the two of you will do what on the wedding day you will not have time or space: you will be there just for each other, you will laugh, you will visit your favorite spot in nature, city or the location to color your story.
  • The small investment in this photo session makes it a perfect GIFT. So I often receive requests from parents or family, who prepare a gift for the couple to enjoy and not to forget too soon. And even included in your wedding photo package, it brings you 3 in 1 benefits: it’s like a couple relaxation therapy, it brings you professional and creative photos to include in / on the invitations, it makes you comfortable to the camera, and BONUS: It takes you – young, beautiful and in love – on paths that will remain special for you forever. 

These before the wedding photo sessions are so requested because they help you know the style of the photographer, get used to the camera, and because you know how everyone asks: “And … how did he ask you?” And here’s what pictures you can also have to share from photo shoots before the wedding.

Love the dress/Trash the dress as the cherry on the cake

When we get at this part of the photographer journey, usually the grooms are experts in front of the camera. It’s also the most requested photo session in the wedding photography package. The reason is obvious: more memories and BONUS: epic ones.

It’s a favorite because it has the power to say: ”Us two, a family!”

And no matter if you choose the trash the dress theme – see here some creative ideas for this photo shoot – or the more delicate Love the Dress, the memories can be just as spectacular. Perfect for the end of a wedding album that will be the subject of discussion years and years to come.

Why the After wedding photo session? 

I said here, in the offer that an after wedding photo session allows you to tell and show all the things you forgot because of the time, the hurry, the nerves, the weather or the location. It’s the perfect conclusion to a wedding story.

But the main reasons why brides and grooms usually choose to live this story are much simpler and more beautiful: because they love each other and do not want to end the party, they do not want to forget and they call witnesses to their love. Beautiful stories are worth telling, as I say every time I add one more to the Portfolio. And the photo below is part of a story that had a Save the date, a wedding day and a Love the dress, after the wedding. And if you click here, you can see how everything is connected, you can read what inspires the pictures and see the result.

  • The after the wedding photo session connects the thread of the story, follows you in the new family life, surprises you as you breathe, young, beautiful, so new to us and the world in this role, husband and wife. And honestly, these are my favorites, because I see the most spectacular images, feelings and memories. We have the right light for your breathtaking images, the Blue Hour and Golden Hour and freedom in composition. But above all, the freedom to feel, to say BYE to the dress and YES to the new life.
  • The complete package of 3 photo sessions is not an expense, but an investment in your story. Your choice and extra time you give to being young and in love. And as the couples in each new setting seem to gain more confidence when I work with them, so the photo sessions before the wedding, the wedding day and after the wedding become more and more profound, better capturing the relationship, the story and why not , foretell the future.

See below my offer for the three sessions and their benefits

And if you still need convincing that we can work together, see and read my Wedding Stories.

Soon, I hope yours will be featured here. Now you know why you deserve these photo sessions and the memories that come with each of them. And also, the way the work together to tell the story of a new and forever love.

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