Wedding Photography at Kronwell Ceremonies – Cristina & Gabi

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Gabi & Cristina

I captured a word: elegance.

I stepped on their footsteps and I found only petals. In black and white, where white is the elegance of a flower in a bouquet and black is the night of their games filled with embraces.

She came down the stairs with her hair loose, a wild flowers arrangement that only he knew how to keep together and alive. Their home is a racetrack, from heart to heart and only they ever win those races, because they built their place with rosebuds and beautiful aging wood.

Listen closely and in every frame you can hear echoes of their story: “I wait for you!” is spelled in red and blue hues and quiets down in pastel palettes, when finally the echo finds its half.

Glasses celebrate, maybe the busy fingers from yesterday, the frenzy of making things perfect, or maybe the frenzy of today, when time seems to speed up.

I hear laughter, but I capture families, brilliant youth resonating in people who live with their heart on their sleeves, not with the watch on their wrists. They feed off huge bowls of colour and they simplify joy to two nuances and one word: Congratulations!

And when he arrives, he’s guided not by a trail of petals, but by her smile, because beyond the tightly held bouquet, he gives her more than flowers: memories to bloom inside her each moment.

When she sees tears, her eyes say Smile, and when someone smiles, she’s the elegant detail of a happiness that needs no strong colours, no shouted declarations. Like a rain of white, like a multifaceted crystal, their story is told in heartbeats heard only by them.

They told me who they are when they weren’t looking, I understood them when they never spent a moment to explain themselves, instead playing with a piece of cloth.
Passed around like on the beginning of an old school race and transformed, later into the game, into the promise from when they became THEM:

“If you were to fall, I’d only let you fall on white roses and happy memories. But please, stay here, where I have you, because your roots are grown too deep inside me for me to know how to let you go.””

A piece of paper is not enough to tell their story, a bouquet comes short, two hundred happy people wishing them well are still too little and two hundred horses of pure speed to bring them closer is too slow.

In that complex way only love knows how to work, to tell their story, what was, is and will continue to be, pure and elegant, like the endless white, two words suffice, above all: HIM and HER.

I thought I was capturing a word. Instead, they told a story.

Wedding venue: Hotel Kronwell, Brasov

Wedding Planner: Bow Tie Events

Videographer: Razvan Cosma Films

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