Engagement photo session – Nicu & Adriana

Prewedding photo session in Tara Fagarasului – Nicu & Adriana

Engagement photos

Spring, love and Făgăraș County. Words that grow beyond their number of letters as soon as you put them together. Insert a game of love, an engagement ring and white lines on the blue May sky and you get an engagement photo session to be told as a story for a generation at least.

Nicu and Adriana enacted their wedding day, with white spring flowers instead of a veil and petal rains instead of fireworks.  A photo session in the middle of a mythical land, made to witness their love story. In pastel, with a message on her chest reading All we have is now and a tiara in her hair, Adriana laughs. Without fear of the camera, inhibitions or rushing it, she laughs for Nicu and to a future as bright as the sun reflected in the delicate white blooming flowers. And Nicu was open, casual and happy to feel like his presence and his arms alone can bring such joy.

They kept love in their palms; they played with blooming branches and gentle sun rays. Through raw green, mystical shadows of Făgăraș County and springs as cold as the winter felt behind, they were warm. And the engagement photo session gave them these beautiful memories, a rehearsal for a wedding waltz and a few hours of smiles to be remembered again and again and bring more smiles, fresh, natural and wild, like the landscape they chose.

Looking forward to the wedding and more of this beautiful story!