Dragos & Rebeca – Wedding Photography at Castel Events

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Dragos & Rebeca, 24.09.2016

I captured a word: home.

The trail of their footsteps to home is well travelled and long, hundreds of miles long. But home is a feeling that calls to you and makes you return, from anywhere, anytime, just for a moment, to regain yourself.

Sometimes the feeling is like the one of wonder in the face of colours, other times it’s like the purr of a lazy cat on your chest. Home feels like a childish spin, on paved streets, in warm sunset light. Or so it felt, coming from them, in their smiles and happy looks, like those of content and at peace beings.

Sergiu Nicolaescu once said Passion is stronger than life. And in foreign doorsteps that still welcome them as theirs, in blue and orange and quietness shades, through their passion, the places they pass, loving each other, become home.

The alley to their house, green and as long as a walk taken for confessions or promises, covered in yellow in the autumn and red flowers in the summer, remembers steps that count the moments they felt like they belong.

Home for them is a duvet of dreams, it’s a journal, it’s a little quiet place where they receive guests like into a new world. They look at each other through open doors and uncovered mirrors, and they fill it with sounds of joy, life and footsteps.

They welcomed us all into a celebration, to capture the feeling of being part of a family, when the father is happy for them and those around are happy for them and the whole city is happy to have them and the light is made just so to fill the roses with more red and the lips with more red and the hearts with more red.

Their home is a place they first dream of and decorate and only after that they go over the threshold. Part of it is the sweetness of love, frames of future pictures, chandeliers radiating like well-formed ideas. When they dance, they seem to dance in the living room, when they party, they party like on a Sunday with the family.

Youth is heard in the heels hitting the floor as they dance, happiness is felt in the force of her embrace, hopes and wishes are heard in black and white, clear and powerful, when they close their eyes and tell each other the future looks good.

They opened the door to me and saw a stranger, but welcomed me like a friend and each frame brought me closer to their family. Made of two souls and thousands of unspoken plans, they came to form it after thousands of steps and the promise of two words.

In the calm of their home, that is not yet a house, they whispered encouragements on the forehead and vows in embraces and they danced and believed and what’s left isn’t the memory of a day, but the proof to a beginning.

I thought I was capturing a word. Instead, they told a story.

Wedding venue: Castel Events Center, Timisu de jos

Engagement photo session: Brasov

After wedding session: Astra Museum, Sibiu

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