Destination Wedding at Heldsdorf Mansion, Transylvania – Tamara & Marius

Destination Wedding Photography at Heldsdorf

Tamara & Marius, 25.06.2017

I captured a word: roots.

Caught in shades of green and white sun kissed pebbles, I arrived at Heldsdorf in the right season. Just as the flowers bloomed into arms and green meant the freshness of a beginning, I arrived in their special season, when roses gather petal over petal of love to witness the ceremony and the ivy reaches down as fingers reach up to intertwine.

Up and up still, as branches in hope, that’s how I captured the looks of the ever growing and ever moving and ever living family, under the protection of the summer and of those colors that describe happiness. And her, stepping lightly to secret rooms, I catch her midstep, like in a surreal documentary photograph, whispering to the lilies, to the roses and to the saplings to give them as much power to grow and transform as they have.

Chairs, rows of white, sit silent as buttons on a nature fabric coat, and the steps smash into noise of closeness, on frantic paths layered with contagious enthusiasm. Here come flowers, garments, jewels and souls, brought by strong, fidgeting fingers. And if the fingers drop some pebbles inside shoes, it’s because they’ll be anchors to a reality that from now on will keep him close to the ground they both step on, forming a familiar road to a future, their own.

In this season of theirs, the shadows come from kisses upon lashes and trunks of flesh are dressed in lace and veils, for a life that slowly starts to catch roots. Fed by tears born in old eyes, witnesses to years growing and bearing fruit, and led by the protective strong hand of a father, she comes to capture him, like a flower following her light, and he circles her with arms like vines, making her a home kept safe from winters.

They created their own garden and the constant season here is their story. It began here, grows from here and the roots will find nurture in children laughter, eyes wrinkled in smiles and hands clapping in celebration, in crystal like tears on pure white napkins and traditional vows heard in nature all around. It’s a mansion wedding but looks like a secret event, because the rest of the world is left out, beyond the curtain of smoke from which escape, one by one, the steps and the sounds of their first dance.

With every smile, new flowers bloom on her dress and with every one of her spins, he’s that much more of a conqueror of this green, fresh and endless domain of their story. In light or darkness, they stand as one, growing intertwined, in whispers and glances, undistinguishable.

In this season of theirs, rain comes as tears of joy and drops overflowing from toasting glasses, in the hope of a bright future. Thunders are jumps to the heavens and back again on toes, in a dance flowing from song to song, to a rewarding weariness cushioned by lovely memories. And the roots spread wildly over family, friends, over times and back to the day they met and forward to the day they’ll bear fruit, like in a growth as only love can feed and support.

I thought I was capturing a word. Instead, they told a story.

Wedding venue: Conacul Heldsdorf, Halchiu

Wedding planner: Bow Tie Events

Flowers: Ioana Flowers

Music: Trupa 6

Videographer: Timeless Films by Razvan Cosma

A thousand images for the same word by Andrei Dumitrache

The story of those images, by Cătălina în cuvinte