Denisa & Razvan – Save The Date in Brasov

Save The Date Brașov

Denisa & Răzvan

Save the date means…Let me tell you a secret. It’s a private conversation then witnessed by thousands of others. It’s the moment a couple stops time and tell themselves…We are really doing this. And we know when.

For a perfect Save the date the most important components are: Him, Her, the Date and a location to fit the story as a background, like a colour in a painting. Denisa and Răzvan chose as a location for their Save the date a beautiful natural landscape above Brașov. We are lucky for these views and places and although often I’m the one following the couple to their chosen location, this time they came to my home town. And Brașov welcomed them and stood witness to their story.

An autumn photo session for a spring wedding, exactly how I recommend for couples in love with colours and light. With a scarf in tone with the season and her braided red hair, like the dark forest meeting the bright sky, Denisa smiled a lot, looked into the future and back into the past. And every step of the way, Răzvan was there for her, with her, in the shadows and with warmth, in the moments when they ran or rested.

From the moment the sun was looking down on us, showing us the city and late into the blue hour’s mysterious light, they told each other secrets and made promises and I took the last photo to announce their next chapter in the story. They came from Mediaș to Brașov for this Save the date and I accompanied them happily in one of the most beautiful places to shoot a photo session, because here it always feels like reality gets a fairytale like nuance.