Tears of a bride – what are your fears about the wedding day?

Bride to be? Surely, after the euphoria of the moments when you think of the white dress, the first dance, the applause of the guests who look at you two for the first time as a family, you have moments of doubt and some fears.

It’s normal. In my experience from so many years as a professional wedding photographer, I listened to these fears, I gave the advice I knew and tested, but I also heard horror stories for the wedding day that should  only be dream.

Brides in Brasov, stats, fears and solutions

According to Brasov City Hall data, in 2017, 3962 marriages were recorded and 3889 marriages were registered in 2018. That is, almost 4000 brides smiled last year together with their half and lived one of the most beautiful days in their lives. What memories do you think they took from that day?

I always hope that after the wedding all that the two people talk about as a new family and of course all the guests is how beautiful everything was. The little details they have thought and prepared with dedication came out exactly as they wanted, and the wedding photos show that. They show a reality the way they wanted it.

But this is not always the case.

Budget is one of the important topics, and among the fears, to spend too much, but also to make compromises are central issues.

Most people think that the budget of their wedding is made up with the other guests in mind and for their  memories and experience. And I think one of the main goals for a couple with this fear is saving money.

But let me ask you something: Was it ever the case to put boundaries on smiles when you felt you were happy?

In the case of your wedding, you invest in your memories actually, from choosing the location, to the album, you invest, not spend.

And in the case of wedding photography, if you think about it, things are even clearer. You want cheap and a lot, or do you agree that your story and your memories are worth an investment that does not mean expensive but certainly, quality.

I did a study while I was documenting to find out what the couples of 2018 want from wedding photography, their fears, what expectations they have. And I saw that most brides complained about these few things after the wedding day, and that among the most common fears, on the photography services, are the following:

1. Fear that important moments will be missed at the wedding. I take wedding photos because it’s my job,  but also because for me it’s a lifestyle. And my equipment comes to bring the tools necessary for that experience to produce amazing results, not to increase the chances that I will be able to take perfect pictures.

My style of photography is in the most photojournalistic part. I’m documenting the event. I anticipate moments from experience and capture the most pure states as they are lived, without directing them. I do not interfere with moments. people or events. And that is why I can’t afford and will not miss ANY important moment.

Happiness comes naturally anyway, and I capture it like that. Of course, your group photos or other poses you want in particular will also happen for your album. But what I know for sure is that it will not feel like a friend that happens to take pictures was there for you instead of a professional.

2. Pictures submitted in due time. A complaint I’ve encountered in my research was that the photos came much later than the photographer promised. In my case, don’t worry, I’ll tell you from the first discussion when you can expect the pictures and the contract will specify that. They usually get to you within 3-5 months of the last photo session. This deadline is set, I always kept it and I do not intend to change the one hundred percent success rate of my deadline.

3. A great concern is that not all services providers are present in time and in form. What I can tell you here to make you feel comfortable is that each of the services providers will want to offer the best, because what they do and the impression left on the client is like a business card for that company/provider. But to be even more convinced that everything will go according to the plan, you might want to talk to a wedding planner. See at the end of the blog a list of wedding planners from Braşov and Romania.

4. Technical issues at the wedding, everyone’s fear. Even if there are things that you cannot control and worry about, like I still worry, maybe it will calm you to know taht a true professional tells you he has spares and backups to backups and he knows the equipment so well that he could dismantle it and put it back together again with closed eyes. That’s what you need to know, that he’s going to do everything he can to deliver what he promised, not apologies.

5. Another concern is the service provider can be arrogant or all over the place. And I read how the biggest fears are related to the fact that the bride did not even see the photographer during the wedding, or he appeared with an inexperienced assistant on which he relied or recommended. Or that the professional brought inappropriate collaborators. I, for one, never sign a contract with a couple then let someone else take the pictures. And I associate myself only with people I can guarantee for.

6. Fear to discover that the photos do not characterize you. This fear is easy to forget, especially if you choose the photographer by his portfolio. Below, you can see an article on how to choose the right photographer without regretting the decision. What is clear is that each wedding photographer has a style and you can always see what this is by the photos he selected in the portfolio. And to make sure there’s no worry that the pictures will come out differently than you dream, do not ask a photographer to change their style. Instead, choose a style already to your liking.

 “Andrei Dumitrache-Documentary Wedding Photographer” is a documentary wedding photography boutique. With the packages and services I offer, I try to give you a personalized experience, which can include the moments from the engagement sessions to a Love story and personalized albums of very good quality. This is the style I love and I’m dedicated to.

7. Most couples think that every photographer can capture their day – but as you could see above, you need the eye of a professional, the sense of timing the important moments, and so much attention to detail. The professional must know the ritual, the location, the route and the way that the schedule is meant to happen. To make sure you don’t have to worry about him, be sure he knows the hours and things you have prepared.

8. The price tag of a memory. Most people think wedding photography is an expense – In fact, wedding photography is an investment in the future, in memories and a state of mind you can always come back to and remember. If done right, it can make you feel again the sensations and details as if you go back in time. Yes, you can have something cheap and still good enough, maybe. But do you prefer the chance of saving a few money instead of the safety that you will always smile with pride when you look at the pictures again?

9. Camera shy. 

There are people who think they do not have a style or they are camera shy or think they are not photogenic enough – but know that all you have to do is: be you. The photographer has the responsibility to capture you and your emotions. So you do not have to worry know to pose or fear the camera at any point, because most of the time, the photographer is just a witness to the story.

That is why I insist that I have at least one face-to-face discussion with my couples. To know their style, the way they express themselves, fears and strengths. This is why I also recommend photo sessions before the wedding day, like engagement sessions or Save the date photo shoots.

10. Ten is a reason for joy, not a fear. You must know that no matter who you choose will do his/her best to offer you a special day. Mostly because most of them have lived this wedding day in their personal lives and know how important it is.

I have only one chance to prove to you that I am a professional, I know this. And I have never been in danger of not delivering the promise of quality and professional results to those who put their trust in me. Just as you have only one chance to make the best decision about the people you hire and in which you invest trust and part of the budget.

I hope these few ideas will help you and put you mind at ease and your special day will be a perfect 10.

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