Alexandra & Razvan – Wedding in Curtea de Arges

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Razvan & Alexandra, 28.08.2016

I captured a word: quietness.

You expect to see, this close to them, that the parallel lines of their arms circling each other are the only ones not intertwined. Subtle signs that the rest of the unvoiced things between them are lost in the closeness of red lips and the red of two hearts.

Things that should shout, break free into the world with the strength of years of closeness, should push you away from their space and not make you part of a story, whispered and lived quietly in every touch.

There is space, between his fingers on her neck and her shadow on a wall, drawing a heart, for an objective camera. And you capture, surprised by the silence and honest smiles, unchanged by the witnesses, a promise: I’m here for you and I know where always to find you.

You believe, accustomed to the presence of unsaid things, to capture them only by luck. But their quietness remains in every photo, from the kiss to the forehead to the change in the grip of their hands, holding them close and feeling each other. He leads her to a promise of happiness and she trusts him. Other times, she leads him, her heart exposed, in details that say Look, I’m here for you and I’m complete.

You know the world has colour, obviously, but there is proof in the way colour insinuates itself, through smiles and tears, even in the black and white frames. Her blue calls to his and although they seem to know each other since before life decided to be good to them, they come near each other with the same determination to be TWO.

You ask yourself, after every shutter release, if you knew before taking the shot, when, in the quietness of their preparations, in the ritual performed for the first time, did they have the time to become so good at living new experiences. With the same naturalness and care for details on things to come, but certainty of what’s to pass.

The emotions go to those surrounding them, happy friends eyes and mother’s cried ones, in warm hearts of playful friends and full old hearts living their youth again, and for them they keep the words, from You’re gorgeous! to Yes! and thousands of promises they make in every look.

For them, it’s another day to love, to wait and miss each other, even if the decor is laced in holyday and white.

As the magic dance of children, as the warm feeling of a holyday that does not rush you to live an agenda, but just to live, as the freedom to run through the grass, wind in your hair, always to a destination you believe in, that’s how they lived the hours marked now on my camera.

You expect to recognize love when you see and hear it. But every time, quietness tells you with most clarity who those living it are. And they are THEM. And if they found each other behind coloured masks of jolliness, behind sincere tears of emotions, behind happy dances and joined hands, then in the same quietness of true certainty they’ll find each other and promise to each other always: I am here!

I thought I was capturing a word. Instead, they told a story.

Engagement photo session: Brasov

Wedding venue: Capra Neagra, Curtea de Arges

After wedding session: Curtea de Arges

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