10 must have photos for your wedding day

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

“Look, here I am with all the bridesmaids, and here is the first dance … Ah, loo at his face when he first saw me …”

You browsed at least one wedding album with a friend, right? And I think you already how the the story goes, at least in the order of the weeding pictures:

  • photos before the ceremony
  • the bride and groom’s preparations
  • the civil / religious ceremony
  • mini photo session with bride or groom and guests
  • photos at the party / party

That’s like every album that photographers put together for the couples. Braşov, Bucharest, Cluj or Abu Dhabi, like any story with introduction, content and ending, the wedding album has to make these moments create a story in front of you in a most artistic and special way.

One of the greatest fears of future brides is that one of the crucial moments is missed by the photographer. It’s not like playing a rehearsal wedding, it’s not like repeated

And here is where the story behind the story begins, the way the photographer must keep a close eye on the wedding.

You already know from my previous blogs about the photo style I have specialized in- photojournalistic, documentary photography – and that allows me to capture the naturalness and the thread of events in a storytelling kind of way that brings smiles and tears of emotion. But I’ve spent a lot of time in practicing with this style and learning, years of years of exercise and eye training.

The instinct of being THERE when things happen and not miss them  is, I think, a super sense of every professional photographer.

And even if from behind the camera a professional photographer watches you with confidence, I believe that it helps too for you to know the moments you must find in a successful wedding album. The style of these photos depends on the chosen wedding photographer, whether they are classic portraits or artistic, with effects or documented moments, realyl emotional and with an impact transmitted through colors, shadows and details. Below I will give you examples for each moment. And from now on, whether you’re looking at your friends’ albums or looking for them in the portfolios of photographers, you’ll know what the moments are that a couple lives and a photographer cannot miss. Brasov, with its charm as a background, or a new place for a special wedding destination, all of them will help write a story that will include these …

10 must have photos for your wedding day

  1. Once upon a time…These are the photos that set the scene for the story of the wedding. The details that the bride, so caught in her emotions, misses: the constant movements, the look on her own eyes when she sees the still unworn wedding dress, her mother, emotionally kneading her hands, her proud father, the silence of a world that seems to wait for her and her red lip smiles.



2. The family portraits. For both the groom and the bride with their respective families and then together, a big happy family living a very special day. Usually, a classic portrait like this is chosen to make the perfect present for the families. They will definitely each have a printed version to frame and treasure after the event. The grandparents can also be next to the couple: three generations who know and celebrate love and the meaning of family.


3. The snapshop of the young age. Unlike the images above, these portraits you must have, the preparations that include the bridesmaids and groomsmen are funny memories and really expressions of a time and place where friendship mattered and brought you all together in celebration. Young people, like the love you share and over the years, you will be able to say Ana was close and she wore green. Your best friend, so far away now. Or something as sweet and melancholic as that feeling that time passes and only a few moments bring you together.


4. HIM and HER. Portraits of the BEFORE moments, as they are also called or you can consider them. Actually, these are the moments of anticipation, canvases in colour and details of the last time you’ll have to wait for love. Nuances of a you who feels the happiest day. These honest and candid portraits require a trust relationship with the photographer.


5. YOU.  If I has to chose only one moment that is an absolute must and cannot be replayed or missed, it’s the one coming after the one you see below.

I think you know it, and see it, without me needing to write or explain it.

6. The time of kings. The photo from the church or the place where the official ceremony takes place and you are crowned with more than your love and so many best wishes. The photos that show how you become one, in the eyes of all laws and customs.

And the guests celebrate you and guide you on petals and the richness of rice to the party, hand in hand and though alike.


7. The place to be. Years away from the moment of your wedding party, you’ll maybe forget that purple was your favourite colour and the paradise you had your first dance as husband and wife in. Or the warmth and the importance of the decorations. The photographer is responsible to paint the scene for you to remember. Details from the place, from the flowers to the candles, a gathering of great shots from the place that had you as main actors for a day.



8. The Dance. Maybe one of the hardest moments to capture, with the constant movement and the nerves and the emotions of the couple that shoud focus on their stepts, not on posing. but the fact that it’s hard to shoot is a challenge i take on every time and love to overcome. You can’t pose for the picture only before or after the dance. You must have that special photo from the actual dance and it must feel like the frame contains movement, a sense of lightness…of belonging in a scene where you were in your own world.


9. Something sweet. Kids also, yes, a cute detail that is worth every time, because they inspire purity and the youth of a love that starts today to be a family for the couple.



But what I really intended to point out was the sweetness of the cake. Another moment a photographer can’t miss. The composition must be a special one, to capture the couple, the moment and the personality of their love. And also the wedding as a whole.



10. Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue (or another colour). DI mean all the elements that compose the personality of the couple and their care for decorating their special day. You chose the white roses in your bouquet because you love them, and his buttons are special with a reason and all these little details make you to be unique. Who you were that day, what perfect meant for you. The shoes, the accessories, the perfume, they are all small things so important to stay in the album and a photographer should have an eye for them and how they integrate in your story.

To make sure the photographer cannot miss any of the must have photos above, I recommend:

  • make sure he/she has experience in weddings because anticipation for what comes next in the ritual is crucial
  • send the photographer the schedule and the routes ahead of the wedding day
  • talk to the photographer before the wedding and tell him if you want some certain details or portraits (maybe with a 90-year-old grandmother, perhaps with your favorite niece) and make sure to make someone responsible on the wedding day with guiding the photographer and pointing people to him, because he can’t  know who is who
  • shows the photographer moments that you saw and impressed you or you do not want to be captured

In short, communicate.

A photo session before the wedding is the most natural way to get to the perfect level of communication with the wedding photographer. But if you did not plan this in your budget, then I recommend at least one meeting to get to know each other.

BONUS TIP: Must have photos from the wedding day.

  • The escape – a silent and intimate moment, just with you two. The one where you tell secrets to each other or a quiet hello in the madness of the wedding party.

  • The kiss – just because…

  • And every mad little moment and detail, because this is you, unique beings, like this day and this moment in your life and life is like that too, a crazy passing moment that leaves you only with the most intense feelings and memories. Make sure you have them all to remember that day and yourselves, because in the millions and millions of breath in, breath out, those when your heart beats for the other and every single guest is there for you and your love are worth more than anything.

I hope this few tips can inspire you and help you make the best choices. For any other advice or question, even if you are my client or not, I’m here your you. Because you deserve a perfect wedding day and a flawless memory of the wedding day. No regrets, no mistakes and no stress. And most importantly, not one chance for it to be forgotten.


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