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How important is the feeling behind the images for you? Over the years, your story can feel as fresh and present as in that special day you called your own. Hidden smiles, meaningful looks, what you saw, what you missed, what you felt and others lived…this is what I promise to deliver. And my photography style guarantees it. Convince yourself I’m the right wedding photographer for your memories.

July 18, 2022

Zabola Estate Transylvania – Nunta la Castel cu Doris & Bogdan

Wedding at Zabola Estate in Transylvania  Wedding at the Castle with Doris & Bogdan Wedding at Zabola Estate in Transylvania | A fairytale wedding, that’s how I would briefly describe their wedding. Because they were intimate and happy. They had only family and close friends with them, and the simplicity […]
July 4, 2022

Louise & Marius – Wedding in Bucharest at Artist, the Barn

Louise & Marius – Wedding in Bucharest at Artist, the Barn Wedding Photographer in Bucharest Wedding photographer in Bucharest | I really like what I do. I think this is due not only to my passion for photography but also to the couples with whom I have the opportunity to […]
May 12, 2022

Destination Wedding Photographer in Germany at Dorint Parkhotel Siegen

Destination Wedding Photographer in Germany Anca & Siggi – Destination Wedding Destination Wedding Photographer in Germany Throughout my career as a wedding photographer I have had the opportunity to photograph many beautiful events. Most of them took place in Romania, but I also had the opportunity to photograph destination weddings. […]
April 18, 2022

Wedding Photographer in Transylvania at Resort Ambient – Andreea & Vlad

Wedding story with Andreea & Vlad Wedding Photographer in Transylvania at Resort Ambient I had the opportunity again to be a wedding photographer in Transylvania. Andreea and Vlad had the wedding they wanted. A wedding with a warm atmosphere, with many smiles and a lot of happiness around. You could […]
April 5, 2022

Wedding photography in Transylvania at Yaz Event Center Brasov

Wedding photography in Brasov at Yaz Event Center Ioana & Daniel – Documentary Wedding Photography Wedding photographer in Brasov at Yaz Event Center. I really like weddings where everything takes place in one place. And I am referring here from the preparation of the bride and groom to the religious […]
March 25, 2021

Wedding photography – Narcisa & Dan, Târgu Neamț

Wedding photographer – Târgu Neamț Narcisa & Dan   Being a wedding photographer is always a privilege and a joy for me for several reasons. A moment full of emotion, adrenaline, concentration, pursuit and continuous waiting. Taking wedding photography in photojournalistic style means that you will not have a second […]
December 16, 2019

Wedding – Kronwell Ceremonies Brasov – Roxana & Tudor

Wedding – Kronwell Ceremonies Brasov Wedding photography with Roxana & Tudor I photographed a word: touch. Wedding at Kronwell Ceremonies Brasov | Real things are at a distance, so that a raised hand can feel whether the rain is coming or not. And natural things are still a touch, from […]
July 26, 2018

Wedding photography at Yaz, Transylvania – Ema & Adi

Wedding photography in Transylvania Ema și Adi – candid moments at Yaz I captured a word: care. From early morning, when the sun could barely draw shadows on the walls, as a professional drew frames in her hair, Ema knew. She keeps tightly onto her veil and touches lightly the delicate […]
July 17, 2018

Destination Wedding Photographer, Sarah & Mihai – Durham, North Carolina

Documentary Wedding Photography Sarah & Mihai, 07.05.2017 Destination Wedding Photography I captured a word: destination. They say you know when you’re in the right place when you’re greeted by flowers and a door you don’t have to knock on. It’s the same for when you know you reached the right […]
July 17, 2018

Destination Wedding at Heldsdorf Mansion, Transylvania – Tamara & Marius

Destination Wedding Photography at Heldsdorf Tamara & Marius, 25.06.2017 I captured a word: roots. Caught in shades of green and white sun kissed pebbles, I arrived at Heldsdorf in the right season. Just as the flowers bloomed into arms and green meant the freshness of a beginning, I arrived in […]
July 17, 2018

Destination Wedding Photographer, Anas & Andreea – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Destination Wedding Photography Anas & Andreea I captured a word: plan. In converging lines, straight angles and a drawing larger than life, with paths over countries and chances, I found them in a place sketched onto the horizon with blue and modern strokes. Echoes bounce out of marbled hallways with […]
July 1, 2018

Engagement photo session – Nicu & Adriana

Prewedding photo session in Tara Fagarasului – Nicu & Adriana Engagement photos Spring, love and Făgăraș County. Words that grow beyond their number of letters as soon as you put them together. Insert a game of love, an engagement ring and white lines on the blue May sky and you […]

  • I first met Andrei through his website, when I was looking for a photojournalist-style photographer. Although he was not the first to appear to me on that Google search, I stayed on his page because I was captivated by the way he conveys the stories, both in writing and especially through photos. We found the naturalness, the emotion and the reality of the moments we were looking for for our event, so we decided that he was the right man for us. And this was confirmed to us until the last moment. Besides being a professional photographer, Andrei is a good, gentle and warm man. He has a lot of patience, he is not intrusive, he makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. The photos are fairytale, the frames are more beautiful than reality and I think that's kind of magic. Moreover, the pictures seem to speak, precisely because they are not directed, but really convey the feelings, emotions, clumsiness. Because beauty lies in the small, simple and imperfect things and not everyone can surprise them, that's why we thank you Andrei for being with us!

  • Andrei, "the memories MAKER"! We will forever be grateful for the wonderful memories you captured! A warm man, responsible and very devoted to his work, a true friend! Both at the wedding and at the trash the dress photo session, we never felt under the pressure of always being with a smile on our face to "look good" in the pictures ... we trusted Andrei from the beginning, knowing that he will smile for us and capture the moments full of emotion, so important for us! We wish you continued success and hard work, and at as many awards as possible! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    Andreea & Dani, Brasov
  • "The power to convey feelings and express emotions in a frame, that is wedding  photography. It becomes much more than a simple or a group photo. Capturing the details, the meanings, the small and big moments, the intense feelings seen and also hidden for the curious eyes of the guests. Professionalism, joy and openness, these are, in our opinion, the attributes that describe you best. It was a real pleasure to have you as a photographer for the most important moments of our lives so far. “
    Emil & Viliana, Pitesti
  • fotograf profesionist de nuntă
    I had made the decision to collaborate with Andrei from the first photos I had seen, and after I met him I left with a big smile on my face, knowing for sure that I had found the right man. The photos exceeded our expectations, and his warm and professional manner at the same time made us feel at the wedding as if we were with an old and dear friend. Andrei, we have no words to thank you for everything you have done for us! We are very, very lucky to have found you!
    Andreea & Dragos, Brasov
  • I highly recommend Andrei. It is clear that photography is his passion. Besides the very beautiful photos from the wedding day, the engagement session and the afterwedding session, Andrei was with us from the moment we met him with information and help for the big day. He is very professional, dedicated, and made us feel relaxed on the wedding day and at all photo sessions.
  • Andrei inspired trust from the first day we met. During the prewedding photo sessions he was enthusiastic and happy with every new successful photo and the whole experience was relaxed and friendly like. And that is why we could be so natural, even though it was our first experience with a camera. In our wedding day, he never intruded, but he was there to capture the best and most emotional moments. Thank you so much, Andrei! In every frame we can see your imagination, professionalism and passion. Thanks to you, we will keep these treasured memories and relive the emotions of our wedding day every time we'll see them. We were lucky to find you and to have you there. Congratulations for your work!
    Beatrice & Madalin, Fagaras
  • "I love people who do something out of pure passion and Andrei is one of those people. His vision, talent and dedication to photography make the result stand out and exceed expectations. We are so happy to have worked with him and surely, over the years, we’ll feel the same love and awe for the photographs he made..simply because they are gorgeous!"  
    Costi & Georgiana
  • "Choosing the right photographer meant a lot to us, because we wanted out story to be captured in as many moments and details  as possible and as naturally as possible. Without a script and without being told to Smile for the camera! And Andrei delivered on these wishes, making something beautiful even out of our shyness. He’s a dedicated photographer and an outgoing person and he knows how to create the mood and attitude for the photo shoot. We are so excited about our choice and the end result. Thank you, Andrei!”
    Dragos & Rebeca, Brasov
  • "A picture is worth a thousand words. Our wedding was photographed to the last small detail and for that, we’ll choose Andrei for the next bong events in our life. For us, you are the best, the most professional and we thank you for everything!!!!"
    Razvan & Alexandra, Curtea De Arges
  • I wholeheartedly recommend Andrei. He expressed nothing but professionalism, care and attention to detail and to people, from the beginning to the end of our collaboration. We thank him for what he did for us and we wait for the next happy event he can photograph :)
    Ana & Emilian
  • “We enjoyed lovely moments under Andrei’s  careful lens. A fun, great collaboration that resulted in precious memories to be kept in the beautiful wedding albums and relieved on and on. We recommend Andrei for his talent, youthfulness and passion:)"
    Adi & Cristina

About Andrei Dumitrache

Let's get to know each other: I'm Andrei, your wedding photographer

If you want a relaxed and natural feel to the wedding day. I follow and capture reactions, feelings and less so scripted moments. I click with real people and their real fealings. And I believe this is what the images will show.

The best wedding photography memories, in my opinion, are made with a mix of:

- A professional photographer, dedicated and watchful but not invading and able to create the necessary communication with the couple – a trust relationship between us - the close understanding of a wedding’s moments – a special location for the couple and… - YOU. What you feel, what you allow me to capture and what I can ask with my camera and you can answer with your images.

What to expect from me? Attention to detail, instinct for the important moments and someone who can make you feel confortable in front of the camera. Used to it or camera-shy, we'll make it work. You only have this one day and all my dedication, knowledge and imagination will be put at your disposal.

Read more about Andrei, the man and wedding photographer here.

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